Wednesday, 27 March 2013

What we did when we had no interwebz...

...Thank you internet service provider for having some issues, I could grizle about my lack of internet connection or I could show some of the bits we have been getting up too instead!

Its a lot more interesting i promise!!

 The crochet scrap thrift cardigan is finished and had some struts around town! lovely and warm and can be seen in space!! Definately some more thrifty destash projects on the horizon!!

Not the best shot in equally not as good light a little peg dolly garland using scrap bits of yarn and some fun faces again really fun and quick to do and you couold dress them up with pom pom tu tus!!! OmG I will be doing that next time

When I was at college one of the things I loved to do was wire sculpting! Jewelry wire is great its flexible easy to cut and can be made into fun designs like this!

If you want to make wire sculptures try drawing a design in one continuous line to map out youre design ideas!!

Happy Crafting peeps!!!