Saturday, 3 November 2012

Introduction, happenings... whats cracking!?

Why HELLoooo!! welcome to the Brighton Craft Guerrilla the all new the all awesome shiny blog!! we have a new team of crafters bringing all kind of crafty tutorials and showcasing all kinds of work from artists and makers all around East Sussex!

There will be pop up workshops happening around town to get everyone dusting off their crafting equipment, we are hoping to do a craft based book swish in the new year swapping craft books amongst crafters!!

Im working on a you tube channel for the Brighton Army because sometimes with a tutorial its nice to see whats happening and have someone talk it through!

And of course There is I will be hoping a crafternoon happening once a month or evening where we can get together and share ideas, projects and just chat craft!

Theres a lot happening over the next few weeks and i have some fun tutorials for christmas for fun presents or ideas for decorations etc!

Ooh I forgot I am Sandy Toxic Ive been crafting since forever - its kinda what I do!
I am email-able on if you have any questions thoughts or suggestions please send an email.

Happy Crafting!

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