Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Thrift month

At the risk of maintaining my little old lady status I want to touch on the wonderful world of being thrifty!

I am a regular trawller of my local cahraity shops and I am always rooting around in the craft books and buttons etc and over the years have accumulated quite the stash of fabrics yarns and bits and bobs!
I have declared Febuary my month of Thrift, this month I intend on not purchasing any craft bits and just using things from my stash! it amazing the things that can be made with scraps!

I am going to seperate Febuary into 4 thrifty groups! Yarn, Fabrics, paper and a wild card!  I want to see if I can make things from stash and maybe upcycle some bits and pieces that im not so much in love with!

So the past week I have been working on some Yarn based goodies last year whilst having a financial crisis I raided a Charity shop in Newhaven and got a huge bag of odds and ends and decided this week to make some bits from these bags of Yarn,
one of the wonderful rescue techniques when trying to make things from scraps is STRIPES! I find it hard to rock it with stripes but have a close friend who looks truly awesome in them and I think a prezzie is in order!

So here are some action shots of Crochet on Public Transport (I think craft on trains and tubes would make a fantastic book) The big reveal of my stripe fashion extravaganza 2013 at the end of this week.

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