Thursday, 25 April 2013

Bitter's pom pom tutorial!

When I say things have been busy in crafty towers it would be an uber understatement!
I have been able to get a couple of tutorials done though!! and with the nice weather coming up there will be many more to come!!

Right so here is my pom pom tutorial!
Im more of an old school pom pom maker but there are lots of fun contraptions out there to make pom poms with!
I normally use two pieces of card but have been using these prym ones lately as they're easier to find in my craft bag!

Okay so to start with we have our discs

 The neat part of these ones is - they have a handy little channel in the centre

Now wind away! get colourful and get as much as you can get on there!!
I normally wind a little wool round my fingers and make a mini ball to get through the centre of the disc.

This is great TV craft!!

Okay so now that little groove in the centre has time to shine, cut round the discs .

you know its right when your soon to be pom pom looks like a sesame street puppet!!!

Part the discs a little and get a length of yarn to tie in the centre i normally find a long darning needle and just thread the yarn through and stitch it in the centre for extra security!!
Then just fluffy up your pom pom!! these are perfect for garlands and cushions jewelry all sorts I think that pom pom garlands maybe this years new bunting!!!

Enjoy, and feel free to email links to your own pom pom projects!!

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