Saturday, 12 January 2013

JOIN UsSSsss!!

At Craft Haus HQ we had an idea for a community - Competition / group art project!
We wanted to celebrate our fab town, and the awesome crafter/ makers and artists in it! what we would like to do is a photographic/ craft based calender for 2014 starting from this year...if that make sense?

the idea that we had was to make it so that each month had a high defintion photo of a piece of art work / craft project photographic piece or photo collage - it could be seasonal or just visually stimulating but Creativity and Brighton need to be the key themes!

So January is open for submissions, the winner of each month will receive a free calender once the calenders are out and about! and the funds raised will go to an undecided charity at present.

Our email is and if you would like to crowd source inspiration and ideas the hashtag  #creativecalender14 can be used on twitter or instagram!
Good luck!!

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