Wednesday, 9 January 2013


Hello Crafters!!
Happy New Year one and all, I hope everyone has got some fab projects on the horizon for the new year? Ive made a new years resolution to get through my stash of yarns buttons and fabrics and build up some nice additions to my wardrobe! also to learn lots of new skills and share them here!

January is a month of thrifty happenings, paying off Christmas has inspired the Thrifty part of me and I have some fab money saving and fun projects for this month!
Ive also got some details of projects and things happening around Brighton in the next few weeks too!!

This Year we are hoping to offer  some crafternoons and crafternight-times too the idea is hopefully to do some unusual swishing events, and a few crafternoons as pop ups in town or in a venue in town, the idea is - fingers crossed to share lots of skills and ideas, as well as information and patterns.
If  you would like to be involved or any more info on up coming evens please email and we can keep you updated!

Happy Crafting everyone and here is to a super craft 2013!!!

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